"I haven't written a blog in a while. I don't know why... I've had a bazillion things happen to me (99% epic).... I guess I just haven't had much free time. 

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So what's new? Well, first of all, I fucking packed all my shit and moved to New York, specifically Manhattan. Why? Well... here's the story. 

I was in Manhattan for the night visiting my art PR agent the night before a feature dance gig in Philly. We were at the bar having a scotch and he said to me, "You know, your art is fantastic. If you lived here in NY I could do so much with it." I remember looking down at my glass, watching the scotch swirl around and thinking... why not?  I mean, I love Manhattan, loved being in Manhattan, visiting Manhattan, and it was at the top of my bucket list to live on Manhattan for a year at least. I had wanted to move to the east coast for years... I was thinking more farmland, but hey, that can wait till I'm older and slower-moving. So why not? Because porn is in L.A. Ok, so then I started calculating how many porn scenes I do a month. Most are for my site, by choice, and the few special projects I do for other people I could fly to L.A. for... the days of shooting 25 times a month were over (by choice, hey man my bod couldn't take it!) Plus, shooting 95% for my website doing what I want, how I want has been the most fun life adventure voice ever. So why not? Ok, flight school. Fuck, I can easily move flight schools! Why Not? Manhattan is expensive! Ok, no more car, I'll get rid of the Audi and that makes up for the more expensive apartment (still blows my mind my NY apartment is more expensive than my LA HOUSE but whateves) So why not?  I cam and won't have time to paint? Ok, no because I cam and paint from home in my PJ's and thats awesome. Why not? Ok, because I feature dance just about every weekend! That's gotta keep me in LA right? Wrong! I dance 75% on the east coast so cheaper and shorter flights, making clubs happy, plus I can FLY to a booking for anywhere! And then I was out of reasons why I lived in Los Angeles, a city I absolutely HATED, and the next thing I knew I had had this internal argument with myself for 30 seconds and I had made the biggest decision of my life in the shortest amount of time. I looked at my agent and blurted out, "I'm moving to Manhattan." 

We went to dinner, had a bottle (then 2 and 3 and 4 and then scotch at another bar) and celebrated. I ripped a piece of my agents torn jeans and tied it to my forehead like Karate Kid and I danced topless in time square in front of a happy squad of police officers and thought to myself I have never in my life been so terrified and excited of something this much at the same time. I was ready to take on the fucking world. Porn felt so natural and fun and easy. This? The adrenaline running through my body could have stopped a train. Keep in mind I have lived in southern California all my life. Comfortable with porn and my home town, and then all a sudden to move to New York to chase a dream of being an artist? Bring it on.

And then I fucking DID IT. I just fucking bailed. I didn't tell porn producers, my porn agents, or most of my friends. I told my closest friends and bosses (who supported me completely) and fucking dipped. I got a broker in Manhattan, found an apartment with a big balcony Darwin and Islay can play on, packed my house, sold 80% of my furniture and things, and started fresh. 


I went to Thailand for 3 weeks with my mother for my 27th birthday and it was a great way of closing the door to LA and opening the door to NY. I came home and moved the next day. 


Less than 2 weeks after I moved in I had my first New York solo show that was a MAJOR success. A couple weeks after that I was signed with a major gallery, and days after that I was chosen to show at Art Basel, as well as a 30 day solo show in Chelsea early 2017. I have been here for a month and have had more art successes in that month than years in Los Angeles. I paint from home, cam from home, and shoot from home. I can't tell you how happy I am. 


I believe if you project good good will come to you. I also believe in Karma and such, and just overall being a good fucking person. The art good flowed in, and then the porn good flowed in. Award seasons nominations came out for XBIZ and AVN and I am nominated for performer of the year, website of the year (DaniDaniels.com), tons of scenes, actress of the year, and my favorite, CROSSOVER STAR OF THE YEAR?!? Whaaaaaaat?!?! How awesome is that? I'll be at both Xbiz and AVN, and signing for my family CamSoda.com at AEE expo January. 


You guys, my life is so beyond perfect right now I can't even begin to explain. I am happy, loved, supported, and living the dream. I hope my happy good vibe energy jumps through the screen and into you and rubs off on you! I wake up everyday happy to be alive and healthy, with healthy family, lover, and puppies, and then I realize I am an artist in Manhattan. This is fucking happening! I can literally have my cake and eat it too omfg! Every. Day. The month I have been here it hasn't faded for a second. 

post-65934-Dani Daniels
212 gallery major success in East Village! People poured into the streets and it was packed all night!!! 

I don't think I'll ever stop traveling. I don't think I'll ever stop living my dreams and taking a chance. I love porn and I love Manhattan and I love shooting for DaniDaniels.com and I love camming and I love painting. Why can't I do them all? I plan on it! I'm so thankful for everything porn and you guys have done for me and so thankful for every adventure I have been on this life, good and bad. They brought me to an amazing place and here I am now happier, stronger, and more motivated than ever! I am working 1000% as hard and I am so ready to make all my dreams come true... DaniDaniels.com, flying, and art (KiraLeeart.com)... I am so happy and ready and if I can say one thing it's this: if you have something you want to do that you are scared to or you think is too difficult or unattainable, fucking go for it. Sometimes it's a scotch and a wild decision away. I often think of where I would be if I didn't come into Manhattan a day early and I didn't have that scotch or have my agent say to me, "If you only lived in New York," and you know what? I would still be happy but I wouldn't be anywhere near as happy as I am now." -Dani

post-65934-Dani Daniels
post-65934-Dani Daniels
and PS: Darwin and Islay love it here too! 
post-65934-Dani Daniels
Goodnight lovers! I love you! 
post-65934-Dani Daniels
I love you Manhattan! (My balcony is as big as my apartment so the dogs have room to run)